Real Estate Sales and Lease
RE/MAX Homes

Our team is actively seeking for all types of residences, stores, office spaces and plots of land, for sale or lease in Attika. Our office has fully embraced the concept of exclusivity, which is combined with highly professional services to yield the best outcome for your property. This is achieved through appraisal services, a detailed marketing plan, boosted from a strong social media presence, as well as professionalism and anthropocentric approach towards all prospective clients. To top it all off we leverage years of negotiation and real estate experience to safeguard your interest and ensure a smooth transaction. Our agents are equipped with a team of professional photographers, 360o photo cameras, access to over 22 real estate platforms and a strong social media presence.

Real Estate Appraisal Service
RE/MAX Homes

The exact market value of a property can be accurately determined by applying European assessment standards and following assessment methodologies. In RE/MAX Homes we undertake the precise valuation of your property. For us whether determining the Purchasing or Leasing Price is a cornerstone of a real estate activity. The Broker of RE/MAX Homes, Dr. Aristotelis Sklavounos, joined the newly created register of Appraisers of the Athens Attica Realtors Association, after completing the training and the Re.Val.1 examination process.

Photography and Video Services
RE/MAX Homes

RE/MAX Homes recommends professional level photography and video services for all property we manage exclusively. We have adopted the Matterport photography system, which allows the prospective buyer to remotely tour any property. Matterport also supports seamless transition to Virtual Reality tours with personalized comments and tags to be added to highlight the strengths of your property. The prospective buyer will be able to relieve and explore the property through virtual tours through the photorealistic 3D pictures, accessible through any computer, phone or 3D reality system from the comfort of their own home. The application is easy to pick up and allows the prospective buyer to acquire precise measurements of all spaces depicted. Matterport can be used to provide Engineer or Architects with precise technical drawings, that can then be used in 3D computer aided design software, like Autodesk, ReCap and Revit, to reduce the time of technical inspections, but also to help prospective buyers plan for furnishing or renovating their new apartment.

Legal and Notary Services
RE/MAX Homes

RE/MAX Homes collaborates with legal consultants, with extensive experience in real estate law, to guide you through the purchase, sale, or lease of your property. For your convenience, our legal and notary team can validate the transferability of your property by validating the legal status of the property’s deed by tracking its registration in the land register and Greek tax authorities. Our legal team can, also, draft the transaction contracts and act as your legal representative during contract signing. Our specialized legal consultants can oversee the issuance of your golden visa to buyers outside the European Union. Our office works with seasoned notaries that can support and guide you to a successful real estate transaction.

Engineering Services
RE/MAX Homes

All real estate transactions in Greece require engineering inspections. In the case of a lease, an issuance of a Certificate of Energy Performance is required. In the case of a real estate transaction, an engineer is required to scan and measure the property. In the case that alterations to the original building plans are found the engineer will need to legalize the alteration. After that the engineer can issue the electronic identification or a certification of completeness for your property. Our office aims to assist you with this often complicated process through our on-going Collaborations with Civil Engineers and Architects, who can speed up the issuance of all necessary documents.

Financing Services
RE/MAX Homes

Our RE/MAX Homes Real Estate Consultant team can guide you through the mortgage process, by helping you find the most favorable financing terms. The process begins by noting down your financing needs and circumstances, and finding the best mortgage products, that fits your investment profile. The next step is bringing you in touch with the systemic bank of your choice. Our will establish network and connections mean that you will be in direct communication with the person responsible for your loan application, without needing to wait in line at the bank, which significantly expedites the pre-approval and mortgage issuance process.

Property management
RE/MAX Homes

In our drive to improve customer satisfaction and to better cater to our clients we have extended our services to include property management. Our goal is to aid property owners who are hindered either due to large distances or volume of properties to boost their properties value and increase their rental yield. Having a strong financing, legal and accounting network, we can oversee everything pertaining to your property. Our services include:

  • Lessee Screenings and the drafting of necessary contracts
  • Collection of rent and condo fees
  • Tax and accounting support
  • Maintenance and Renovation of the property
  • Power, Hydro and Gas Connections
  • Insuring the property against damage
  • Moving and Handling of home appliances and furniture
  • Cleaning and tending to the property
  • Reselling

Golden Visa
RE/MAX Homes

Our specialized legal consultant oversees the issuance of your golden visa - service is available for citizens outside Schengen (non-EU-citizens). The steps we take to ensure your golden visa arrives in a timely and reliable manner are:

  1. Issuance of you Social Security Number as a foreign resident abroad
  2. Opening of your Greek banking account
  3. Undertaking all pertinent notary duties
  4. Application of the golden visa
  5. Receiving and Mailing your visa
Our office had the pleasure to cater to citizens from: China, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Vietnam and we are looking forward to assisting you.